Pink Shoes: Blush Pink Style for 2018, a Shoe Color Trend Report
January 19, 2018

Pink, the color most widely associated with feminine style has always had a place in women’s fashion. In 2018, pink looks to not only be the mainstay it’s always been, but will be a specifically trendy color in the world of shoe fashion.

We’re not just talking about any shade of pink however. We’re talking about blush colored shoes. The blush-pink color is often referred to as “millennial pink”, and is a subdued pastel color that is mellow and easy on the eyes. The mellow pastel tone that blush pink offers is important, since it pairs better with many traditional clothing options than hot pink would. The essence of blush color is that it’s simple, feminine, yet not in-your-face like the bright pink colors of years past.

Blush colored shoes match extremely well with natural earth tone colors, any other pastel colors, or any monochrome colors. Realistically, the muted blush tones should pair with most colors in an outfit unlike some extremely bold colors. 

Expert Opinion on Blush Pink / Millenial Pink

Regina Popp, DSW’s trend director (and full time fashion enthusiast), states “Blush is the new must-have neutral. It’s fresh and feminine, goes with everything, and complements any skin tone! Everything looks better in blush: from Vans sneakers to a strappy dress sandal or even a top-handle lady bag, there’s no wrong way to wear this new neutral.”

Popular Pink Shoe Styles

Most of the blush pink shoes that are popular these days tend to be casual, with athleisure styles being especially popular. Despite this, blush and millennial pink work well with dress sandals, flats, mules, and other shoe styles as well.  While one may think that pink boots and booties would be difficult to find (since pink-dyed leather is not super common) this isn’t the case as DSW carries a variety of pink boots and booties. See our list below to browse different styles of pink shoes (browse through assortment for blush and millenial pink). 


Blush Pink Shoes are the Perfect Addition to Your Spring Wardrobe

pink blush shoes

While pink colors are found during every season, they’re especially popular during spring months. With blush pink and millennial pink being pastel colors, these colors will be in the spotlight this spring as people shift their wardrobes to reflect the warmer weather. Blush pink and millennial pink are certainly going to be a popular choice, but other pastel colors should also be common in the fashion world such as Lavender, Light Green, and more.

Blush pink shoes will be extremely popular this spring, but other pastel colors will also be relevant and fashionable.

Overall, blush pink is in for spring and summer 2018, so be on the lookout for great deals from from your favorite brands. Remember that you can search through all pink shoes at DSW by using our color filters (or simply navigate to our all women’s pink shoe page).