June 17, 2015

Summer is meant for getting away and seeing the world. So we’re featuring some of our very favorite spots with have-to-see restaurants, shops, and sights as told by the real people we’ve featured in our latest photo shoots.

Nate Poekert tells us everything we need to know about Brooklyn, NY. Here we go.

Let’s start with food. What’s your favorite place to eat and/or drink and the can’t-miss dish/drink we should order?
I have two favorite spots that I frequent. First would be Alchemy because I'm southern raised and, as such, enjoy comfort food. It also just has a great vibe and spacious outdoor area. My friends and I have parked at a table playing games for hours and nobody has bothered us or asked us to leave.

And second is Three's Brewing. It’s a new bar that just opened and has incredibly good drinks (their Dark ‘N’ Story is amazing). But more importantly, it offers a unique food situation in that they invite local restaurants to take over their kitchen for a few weeks at a time. One weekend you could have amazing fish tacos, the next weekend it could be kimchi fried rice balls! Oh, and if you ever come to Park Slope you MUST go to Talde for brunch and have their Breakfast Ramen. It will change your life.

What’s the best touristy spot worth visiting?
Prospect Park! Not only do you have a park that easily rivals Central Park for beauty and walking paths (with significantly less tourists and nobody selling you things except for flavored ice), but you're also in super close vicinity to the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and the Brooklyn Public Library—all equally amazing places to visit as well!

What shoes should we pack for a day in Brooklyn?
As with any place in New York, if you're going to come to Brooklyn, the key is to wear something comfortable but still stylish. I often walk up to six miles a day! Running shoes are very much back in style with men pairing them with everything from suits to shorts and a tank top. I have about six pairs of Nike runners and these would be a nice addition to my collection (though I already have about four pairs of black Nike shoes!). But if those aren't your thing, you can never go wrong with a pair of retro New Balance shoes.

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Any other cool activities you’d recommend?
Summer is the best in New York because there's free concerts, movies, and events all the time! My favorite thing to do during the summer though is go to Movies at Brooklyn Bridge Park. It has the most incredible views and also plays some pretty great flicks too! The key is to pack a cooler and fill it with some choice beverages.


Got some favorites spots in your city? Tell us all about them below!