June 03, 2015

Why 14? Well, that’s the official number of weeks in Summer 2015. And 14 seems like a pretty reasonable number for a list of summer activities, especially if you’ve got a jam-packed schedule full of vacations, weddings, parties, and neighborhood BBQs. But we want you to make room for plenty of fun, so let’s get started!

  • Taste every single flavor at your local ice cream shop. Document with tons of delicious Insta pics, please.

  • Host a neighborhood yard games day! Family vs. family. Head outdoors for bocce ball, disc golf, wiffle ball—maybe a dads-only hula hoop contest? Yes.

  • Grilling brats, burgers, and veggies is mandatory in summer. But what about pizza, peaches, or even sweet potatoes? Here are some cool recipes to try.

  • See as many fireworks shows as you can. A lot of small cities and towns set off their lights display on days other than July 4. Check local news sites for schedules.

  • A picnic lunch is great, but try dinner! Take date night outdoors and bring a basket of goodies to a local park or outdoor theatre venue.

  • Grab your bike (or rent one) and ride around your city. You might just discover a hidden gem like a new favorite boutique or art gallery.

  • Obsessed with a certain food or drink? (Think coffee, Bloody Marys, pizza, etc.) Hit up all of the places in town that serve your favorite with a group of pals to determine who really has “The City’s Best.”

  • Catch a local concert on the cheap. Many major cities feature weekly shows for free or a small fee. Just bring a blanket!

  • Skip the weekly grocery store run and head to a farmers’ market for some fresh-from-the-farm produce and snacks.

  • Don’t let any rainy summer days get you down. Stay inside for a movie marathon of your favorite mega series—from Harry Potter to Star Wars. Or, head outdoors in your rain boots and splash in the puddles.

  • Get to the pool! Challenge older kids to fun, safe games like foam noodle races or splash contests. Let little ones have tons of fun in the kiddie pool with cute floaty devices.

  • Lace up your sneakers and explore the nearest metro park for some beautiful scenery in your own backyard. Bring your camera for some pics that are bound to make the family holiday calendar!

  • Heading on vacation? It can be tempting to eat at your favorite chain restaurant, but try to dine only at spots known for their awesome local cuisines. You might end up having the best fish tacos of your life!

  • Have a mega game day that includes mini golfing, batting cages, and go-cart racing. Get a small trophy or prize and let the winner have bragging rights for the entire summer.

Got a fun activity or tradition your family can’t miss each year? Share with us in the comments below!

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