Style Experts Speak: Sidewalk Tote
May 05, 2014

The handbag everyone’s going to obsess over this season? The Sidewalk Tote, of course! This baby is big. It’s bright (bright pink, to be exact!). It’s lined with stripes and a fabulous quote. And best of all? It’s FREE to our Shoe Lovers with a $29 or more purchase (today for Premier members, Thursday for Rewards members).

And to top off all this excitement, we had the chance to sit down with the one and only Bryan (our awesome Style Expert) to chat about the inspiration behind this beauty.

Tell our Shoe Lovers all about the bag!
It’s an easy, unconstructed, oversize silhouette that everyone will love. It’s very much an on-the-go bag—perfect for spring, summer, and beyond! And we were really struck by that bold pink hue. Once we saw it, we knew that’s what it had to be. There’s a little surprise on the inside too—black and white stripes and a quote from yours truly: and if the shoes are amaaaazing, get ’em darling. Words to live by, Shoe Lovers!

Vacays, farmers’ markets, the beach—where should we be rocking it?
Yes, yes, and yes! Anywhere you go, this is the bag you’ve got to bring. Like I said earlier it’s such an easy, relaxed style—so just throw in your stuff and head out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how often you’re reaching for it over and over again.       

And how ’bout styling? Any tips on what to wear with it?
Oh, anything. Personally, I love it with black and white (and leave the zipper open so there’s a bit of those cool stripes peeking out), but maxi dresses, cutoffs, skirts, denim—you could pair your entire closet with this bag and it’ll never get old!

There you have it! Premiers, get the handbag now. And Rewards members, prep your shopping bag for Thursday!