Style Experts Speak: Perforated Drivers
June 30, 2014

Perforated leather moc drivers. Maybe not exactly the shoe you picture when you think about your go-to pair for summer. Sure, your canvas sneakers, boat shoes, and flip flops are critical to your wardrobe. And you might think moc drivers in bright colors or perforated leather are impossible to pull off. But gentlemen, our Style Expert Bryan anticipated your concerns and wanted to set the record straight—after all they’re one of his favorite picks for the season. Here’s his take on why you should grab a pair:

The leather Mercanti Fiorentini Perforated Loafer. Why do you love it?
I mean, just look at it! It’s functional, it’s fashion-forward, and it’s got an interesting texture with that perforated leather. It’s a nod to the classic penny loafer, which is very American. This could have been in your dad’s closet years ago, but this is a fresh, updated version on the classic style. And it looks different than anything you’ve got, but it’ll work with the majority of your wardrobe.

So it’s a pretty versatile shoe?
Oh, absolutely. I’d pair this with chinos and a button down, or rolled denim and a graphic tee. Or, try chambray shorts, or maybe linen drawstring pants. Even a sharp Italian suit! Okay you’re getting the point now, right? Ver-sa-tile!

We are! So, the shoe comes in five brilliant colors, but three are pretty bold—deep turquoise, golden yellow, and bright orange. Any advice on how to wear those more “statement-making” colors?
If you’re a “black and brown shoes” kinda guy, try the orange or yellow pair with khaki chinos or a light-colored linen pant (nothing too crazy). Add a navy blazer, and you’ll knock ’em dead! Bottom line, you’ve gotta experiment. If you’re not used to a colored shoe, wear it with what makes the most sense to you. And if you prefer the subtler navy or grey driver, there’s no shame! I love that navy version, especially worn with a deep blue suit—a very monochromatic look is in!

Great advice! Final question: is this more of work shoe, or a weekend staple?
Well, the loafer is a nod to a very preppy style, that classic Americana look. It’s definitely sleek enough to wear to the office with a crisp suit or dress pants.  Now for the weekend? On Saturday night, pair it with linen pants and a cable sweater or polo to grab drinks with friends. And toss them on Sunday morning with shorts and a casual button down for coffee and a leisurely summer stroll.

Okay, we lied—ONE last question! Where will YOU be wearing it this summer?
To the office, the park, outdoor concerts, and especially when traveling. Really any place that I need a casual but sleek shoe, you’ll see me rockin’ these!

That’s a wrap! Bryan confessed he could go on and on about the Mercanti Fiorentini Perforated Penny Moc Loafer, but we figured it was time for you to try ’em on for yourself. So what are you waiting for—pick out your pair now!