Style Experts Speak: The Fall Campaign
October 24, 2013
  1. The look of fall at DSW is just so much fun—how’d you come up with this concept?
    We were really focused on the curation of two Shoe Lovers—their passion for shoes, moments in their life, and real storytelling. Pop culture was a big influence for us, as well as the way the ’70s meet the ’90s in fashion this season. So, we drew upon that inspiration to create vignettes that capture the imagination and excitement of Shoe Lovers.

  2. What was it like being on set in L.A. to shoot the campaign?
    It was so fun seeing our vision come to life—we were really creating a roadmap for the brand this season. It was especially amazing how quickly the sets were built (WAY fast!). We were on the Sony Lot for 14 days, and being surrounded by that nostalgia of the history of filmmaking was phenomenal. It really influenced our work—mixing that sensibility of nostalgia with the relevance of current fashion. From Jerry Hall and Studio 54 to Andy Warhol and pop art, we had fun mixing nods of vintage with current trends. Plus, we listened to ’70s music the whole time we were there—talk about being immersed!

  3. Fave moment? Best memory? What you’ll never forget?
    Honestly, it was working with such an iconic cast. Our male model was John Pearson—the first male supermodel (totally crazy, right?!). Our female model, Valeria Dmitrienko, never stopped smiling—and she has the most timeless beauty and talent. I can’t say enough what an honor it was to work with the entire team!