Style Experts Speak: 2-Piece Perfection
February 12, 2014

If you’re not riding the 2-piece footwear wave yet, the time is now (RIGHT now). This trend is the hottest thing we’ve seen lately, and whether you’re into flats or heels, you can totally get your fix. Style Expert Abby is as obsessed as we are—and she gave us all the dirty details!

All we’ve heard you talking about lately is 2-piece pumps and flats. Safe to say you’re in love? Oh, absolutely. This is one of those trends that is just SO easy to embrace, you can’t help yourself! The 2-piece construction creates really interesting silhouettes (even on flats—ahhh!) that totally trump card more basic looks.

The same trend in flats AND pumps—is this for real!? You got it right! So there’s no excuse not to rock this one nonstop. 2-piece flats make a casual look 100 times more stylish (I’ve never been more excited to grab flats from my closet!). And when it comes to pumps, the look really shows off your foot in such a cool new way.

Which 2-piece styles are your favorite so far? You knoooow that’s a hard question for me—it’s so tough to choose! But, I gotta say that I’m really into 2-piece looks that incorporate a couple different colors or textures. Snake print in the front, suede in the back? To die for.

Left to right: Zigi Sublet $49.95 (Compare at $70!), Crown Vintage Firenze $49.95 (Compare at $79!) Available in taupe too!, Steve Madden Irma $54.95 (Compare at $80!), Jessica Simpson Connie $59.95 (Compare at $89!) Available in black too!