Street Style Inspiration: The Winter Boot
November 17, 2014

Snow boots aren’t necessarily the first things that come to mind when you think of fashion, but these bloggers have completely flipped the script. Winters past may have delayed our flights, buried our cars, or busted our pipelines, but this year, we think it’s gonna be WAY more awesome. Or, at least, the fashion will be. We scoured Pinterest and found some cozy looks (with the shoes as the stars, of course) we’re probably going to copy over and over and over.

Source: The Day Book Blog

An outfit like this almost makes us wish it was cold outside. The quilted bag? Amazing. The boot socks? Perfect. The beanie? Soooo cute. But it’s the shoes that stand out. It’s function and fashion at its finest.

Source: Stay Classic

If we need a boot to get us from point A to point B in the winter, it has to fit three criteria: it’s gotta be waterproof, gotta be warm, and it’s gotta have traction. Wait—there’s actually four, now that we think about it: it’s gotta look amazing. This guy? Nailed it.


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