Sparkle and Shine
May 22, 2014

Forget necklaces and earrings—jeweled sandals are the statement piece of the summer! (Well, don’t totally forget the necklaces and earrings. We love those too!) They’re the perfect accessory to that laid-back jeans-and-a-tee look...that summery sundress look...yep, basically anything.

And if you’re looking for comfort AND style at an outdoor wedding, we totally recommend pairing a dazzling sandal with your dress and clutch.

Don’t have a pair in your closet yet? Go on—add some shine to your style (and show off that new pedicure!).

Left to right: Madden Girl Streeker $39.95 (Compare at $50!), GC Shoes Diamond $39.95 (Compare at $50!), Kelly & Katie Pamela $39.95 (Compare at $50!)