Solemates for Life
June 04, 2014

A well-known fact? Luscious green grass and fabulous pumps are not BFFs. Thousands of Shoe Lovers have felt that moment of horror when a sunken heel just won’t budge from the earth (and when it does, that gorgeous stiletto is covered in mud). 

BUT a summer of flats is not your only option, thanks to a genius invention called Solemates™! These little caps fit right on the ends of your heels to give them a wider base, thus brilliantly preventing you from sinking in grass or falling into cracks! Want proof these babies work? One Shoe Lover and recent bride gushed about her pair: 

“My outdoor wedding was all coming together (decorations, catering, everything) until a final walkthrough. I raced over to the venue right after work, took one step into the grass with my black heels, and guess what? I got stuck, and when I finally pulled my heel free it was covered with caked-on mud. I instantly realized my beautiful blue wedding pumps could literally cause the downfall of the big day! Our wedding coordinator recommended a product called Solemates™, so I rushed right over to DSW, grabbed a few pairs (some for my bridesmaids too!), and headed home to try them on with my heels. I spent the evening walking on the lawn of our new house, with my fiancée rolling his eyes (hey—practice makes perfect)! Our wedding went off without a hitch, all thanks to my Solemates™! If you’re attending an outdoor event this summer, you just HAVE to have a pair or two (brides, I’m especially lookin’ at you!).” 

—Newlywed & Shoe Lover from Columbus, Ohio 

So this season, RSVP “Heck yes!” to every patio party and outdoor soiree that comes across your inbox. Then, pick out your most daring strappy sandals or gladiator heels to wear, put on your Solemates™, and get ready for one hot evening! 

You can shop Solemates™ at a DSW near you.