January 13, 2015

As a kid, there was nothing better than racing out of bed on a school day morning with pajamas inside out, piling in front of the TV or radio, and waiting for those two glorious little words: snow day. But as we get older, snow days can sometimes be inconvenient—missed work, kids’ without a sitter, or a rough commute with tons of traffic. Yuck.

But this year, we’re resolving to take back our snow days. To declare them 100% fun again, full of ALL the things we love about that fluffy white powder. So whether you’ve got a weekday off with the kiddos, or Mother Nature canceled your weekend plans, here’s exactly how you should be spending your snow day.

Step 1: Snow Art

It’s the perfect setting for that snow boot-selfie and cleaner than snow angels (but we do encourage those). Our favorite designs: hearts, stars, smiley faces—and shoes, of course!

Step 2: Snowball Games

Do you want to build a snowman? Maybe…but a good old-fashioned snowball fight sounds much more fun (Kids vs. adults? Mom vs. Dad? It’s SO on!). Or see how many snowflakes you can catch on your tongue, or race to the bottom of your neighborhood hill on your favorite sleds. Winner gets the scrumptious chocolate treat below…

Step 3: Hot Cocoa Warm Up

Okay, really everyone who gets to enjoy this steaming mug of hot cocoa from The Messy Baker is a winner. Get the delicious and easy recipe for this milk chocolate peanut butter hot chocolate and take your taste buds to a chocolate winter wonderland.


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