Slick Pick: The Oxford
February 11, 2014

You've heard it before, guys. The oxford is a shoe every man needs (and, let's face it, one pair just isn't gonna cut it). It's clearly solid style, but we know what you're really wondering—what's the deal with this revered and respected style? What's it got that others don't? What's its secret?

  1. One shoe, endless possibilities. When you've got a great oxford, it basically never fails you. Wear it with jeans? Boom, you've got a casual yet put-together look. Headed somewhere dressier? Can't go wrong with a classy oxford. So basically, the decision-making is done: oxfords it is.

  2. Boring = not gonna happen. Something to seriously appreciate about the oxford? It never gets old. Each season brings a new take on the oxford, so you can stick with a tried-and-true style you know, but get a taste of the latest and greatest too. Win-win.

  3. You are what you wear. Can't emphasize this enough: oxfords make an impact. They tell the world that you care how you look and that you know how style's done. The best part? It doesn't take much effort on your part at all—just throw on those oxfords and go.

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