Should You Get Riding Boots?
January 02, 2014

Question #1: Do you like being comfortable?
If yes, move onto Question #2. If no, are you crazy?

Question #2: Is looking super chic something you're into?
Yes? Go to Question #3. No? Don't sell yourself short—chicness rocks!

Question #3: Are skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses in your closet?
Answer: yes. Question #4, Shoe Lover. Answer: no. Better get shopping!

Question #4: Do details like buckles and straps make you happy?
Double yes—get to Question #5. (No isn't even an option on this one!)

Question #5: Have you ever ridden a horse?
This one's just for fun. Totally doesn't matter if you have or haven't!

More yeses than nos? Any yeses at all? Verdict's in: YOU. NEED. RIDING BOOTS.

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