Sandal Season's On
May 02, 2014

Combating the hot heat isn’t always easy. And doing it in style? Even harder. So this season, ditch the heavy stuff and go for something light and breezy like leather sandals. We know what you’re thinking: styles like these can be a little intimidating. But fear not, guys. They’re actually really cool. Plus, they’re more appropriate than flip-flops and more breathable than boat shoes. And last but not least? They’re versatile—a completely solid choice for anything you’ve got going on. Heading to your favorite vacation spot? They take up like, zero room in your suitcase. Going to a BBQ? Throw ’em on with some linen chinos. Errand-running? Pair them with shorts and hit the town.

Conclusion? Leather sandals are comfortable, stylish, and easygoing. Doesn’t get any better, guys.

Need some help pulling the whole look together? See below!