The Rocket Dog Wheelie: All. Week. Long.
August 05, 2014

A comfy, laid-back, stylish flat: what else could a girl ask for? Oh, yeah—how about TONS of styles and colors to choose from? The Rocket Dog Wheelie is the ideal casual flat for a girl on the go, every day of the week. And yes, we mean Every. Single. Day.

A basic beige flat pairs perfectly with other neutral colors like olive and navy for a walk in the park or a daytime coffee date. 

Fashion 101: we like to call this look “campus cool.” 

Cruising the racks at the local record shop? There’s a Wheelie for that.

Movie night with the girls requires ultimate comfort (and a giant bowl of popcorn).

Dressing up a sneaker for date night? You can and you should. Plus, you never know when you might end up on the dance floor!

Saturdays are for relaxing. Tailgating, anyone?

Rest & repeat. Kick those shoes off, little miss fashionable!

And get ready for the big news: you can get the Rocket Dog Wheelie in EIGHT different styles on—for just $34.95 a pair! Can you really pick just one?