Quiz: The Buck-Saddle Showdown
January 07, 2014

Bucks and saddles. They've got some stuff in common, but they're two different looks at the end of the day. Which shoe's for you, guys? Take our quiz to find out!

It's your boss's birthday—what do you do?
A. Throw her a surprise party—she'll never see it coming
B. Get her a gift card and write a nice note

Bachelor pad décor? Here’s what you'd pick:
A. Cool vintage charm—updated (think a touch of Mad Men with a contemporary spin)
B. Comfortable and put-together. Nothing fancy, but hey, the place is clean

Verdict's in, and you need a style refresh. Who's your wingman on the shopping trip?
A. Your college roommate. He's crazy, but he makes shopping way more fun
B. Your mom—she's just the no-nonsense voice of style reason you need

The cool look you've secretly been dying to try?
A. Fedora—heck yeah you can pull it off.
B. Bright socks could be good—a low-commitment way to up the style ante.

Friday night: where will we find you?
A. Local comedy show, perhaps?
B. Wine bar downtown. Cheers!

Mostly A's? You're a saddle kind of guy. Spicing things up, having some fun with your style, and trying new things—you're there. Plus, you're open to a blast-from-the-past spin on things.

Mostly B's? Bucks are right up your alley. You wanna look slick, but you like to keep things a bit more straightforward on the style front. Tried-and-true looks that still set you apart from the rest—that's a buck man.

From left to right: Aston Gray Drake $79.95 (Compare at $150!), Original Penguin Waylon $99.95 (Compare at $159!), Bass Burbank $79.95 (Compare at $120!)