Quiz: The Brand for You
January 21, 2014

There are so many fabulous brands we're obsessed with rocking from AM to PM. But the three brands we absolutely can't get enough of? Audrey Brooke, Levity, and Mix No. 6. Each one's got a signature style that's totally of the moment. And did you know you can only shop these gorgeous gems right here with us? True story, Shoe Lover. So now's the time to figure out which brand's got your name written all over it with our fun quiz. Just sit back, relax, and click on the beautiful shoe that speaks to you!

Date night. You, your love, and which heel?
The boot you see yourself rocking the season in?
Spring's coming—which sandal is yours all yours?
Which handbag says to you, Hello, please be my new BFF?

Question 1 (left to right): Levity Jalone $59.95 (Compare at $99!), Audrey Brooke Barry $69.95 (Compare at $98!), Mix No. 6 Audrey $39.95 (Compare at $55!) Available in nude too!

Question 2 (left to right): Levity Whitney $69.95 (Compare at $95!), Audrey Brooke Annya $139.95 (Compare at $169!) Available in wide calf too!,  Mix No. 6 Peta $59.95 (Compare at $69!)

Question 3 (left to right): Levity Teal $59.95 (Compare at $145!), Audrey Brooke Carina $59.95 (Compare at $100!), Mix No. 6 Charlie $39.95 (Compare at $69!)

Question 4 (left to right): Levity Leather Tote $129.95 (Compare at $228!), Audrey Brooke Paramount $99.94 (Compare at $228!) Available in black too!, Mix No. 6 Foldover Clutch $29.95 (Compare at $60!)