October 29, 2014

Regina, our Trend Manager, basically has the coolest job ever. She just got back from a bustling trip to Europe where she was tasked with inspiration shopping and bringing back the coolest trends she saw. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to pick her brain and get the insider scoop on things we can be expecting to see on shelves in Fall 2015!

So you got to go to Europe. How was that?
It was amazing! We got to go to a trade show in Paris, shopped around London, and walked the streets of Amsterdam.

What was the favorite place you visited?
Paris is always my favorite. I love French fashion—and macaroons!

What were some of the trends you noticed in each spot?
There were four major trends that we kept seeing everywhere we went. 

  1. The Bohemian trend: think ’70s, Western-inspired style. Lots of ankle booties, ponchos, and floppy hats.

  2. That moto/rocker look is huge. Biker jackets, quilted bags, Chelsea boots, and studs on everything! People aren’t afraid to rock black on black on black. Chain and zipper details are making a big statement, too.

  3. Major embellishments. I’m talking jeweled EVERYTHING—phone cases, sweatshirts, statement necklaces, shoes. Who can resist lots of bling? I know I can’t.

  4. Last but not least, the sporty look. We saw everyone mixing comfort and fashion with sweatshirts, track pants, and sneakers. The iconic brands are still big, like Converse, Nike, and New Balance.

Do you think there’s an overarching theme to the trends?
I really think we’re entering a no-rules era. Seasonality is starting to disappear. White in winter? Do it! What you wear is becoming more and more of an expression of whatever captures your imagination in that moment—not what season you’re in.

What trends did you notice in terms of accessories?
All the major trends we noticed were big in accessories, too—embroidered bracelets, sporty backpacks, and lots of embellishments on clutches.

We know you were trendspotting for 2015, but we’re sure you noticed some things you wanted to take back with you right away. Any examples?
I don’t have any wide-brimmed floppy hats yet, but that’s about to change. And I feel like I need to step up my layering game now and mix even more textures and materials. I’m definitely inspired!


We are too—and just a little bit jealous of her jet-setting fashion adventures!