Part 1: Time is Money, Guys
September 16, 2014

You’re busy. Like, all of the time. Between work, errands, appointments, sports, kids, family, and friends, you’ve got zero patience for things like long lines and crowded stores. Best news ever? Shoe shopping can be in and out. Done in a instant. Step foot in a DSW store or shop, and you’re like The Flash (but if The Flash were looking for new Timberland boots). Don’t believe us? Take a look at what these two gentlemen accomplished in record time (and yeah, we’re talking Guinness Book record timing).

Aston Grey Kobe Oxford $89.95 (Compare at $150!)

Timberland Earthkeepers Original Boot $149.95 (Compare at $160!)

Think you can beat ’em? Ready, set—shop!