One-on-One with Betty Who
June 23, 2014

You guys. The one, the only, Betty Who made a special pit stop RIGHT HERE at the DSW Home Office on Friday and IT. WAS. AWESOME. She held an intimate acoustic set for us, singing Giving Me Away and, of course, Somebody Loves You, the insanely-incredible, crazy-addictive song that we featured in our spring commercials. Afterward? She hugged fans, snapped selfies, and even signed a pair or two of shoes!

We got the chance to sit down and chat with her too. And can we just say, she is probably the sweetest, coolest person we’ve ever, EVER met? And her hair is beyond amazing. Yep, we’ve got a serious Shoe Lover crush going on here!

Tell us all about yourself! How did you get started in the music industry?
I have been playing music my whole life—seriously I started playing the cello when I was four! So I’ve just been obsessed with music for forever. And then I started writing songs when I was a teenager and just kept doing it more and more. By the time I was 17 or 18, I was applying to college to pursue singing and songwriting, which is what I ended up majoring in. And during college, I made an EP with one of my best friends and it got picked up by a bunch of online outlets and premiered on Billboard. Six months later I signed with RCA!

What a great story! So who do you look up to in the music industry? Who are your idols?
Gosh, there are so many! The big ones are probably Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Joni Mitchell, and Madonna.

Good ones! And where do you get inspiration for your songs? How do you start writing?
Really, it all comes from the many, many experiences in my life. I think it’s best to write about what you know. Love, relationships, break-ups, all that good stuff. And when you run out of things to write about you have to get out there, learn, and get more experience.  

So how would you describe your personal style? (And we’ve gotta know, what’s your favorite pair of shoes?!)
That’s a good question!  I guess my Dr. Martens are probably my favorite pair of shoes because I wear them with practically everything. But my super old high-top white Converse are also a go-to.

As far as my style goes, it’s really anything from city chic when I’m going out to total homeless person when I’m on tour! I mean, when you’re in a van traveling all over the place, yoga pants are pretty much your best friend (and they’re not very chic!). But I like to think that when I’m not going from one place to the next I can really do it up!

Our Shoe Lovers LOVE your song, Somebody Loves You! What did you think of hearing your track all over national TV in our commercial?
It was fantastic! Definitely crazy, but totally wonderful. I think the nicest part about it all has been the reaction from my parents’ friends. Funny, right? I mean, it was great hearing all the positive reactions from my friends, but my parents’ friends were soooo excited, saying things like, “She’s really doing it!” or, “She’s all grown up!” It was very sweet and it makes it all worth it.

Music collabs? Big tours? An album? Any other big things in the works right now?
Lots of stuff, actually! I’m working on a debut album, which should be out this fall. And I’ll go on my big U.S. headlining tour to support that album in October, which should be super fun. And then in November, I open for THE Katy Perry in Australia for a month. It’s going to be a busy year, but I’m so ready for it!  

So there you have it. The amazingness that is Betty Who, Shoe Lovers. You can follow all the great things she’s got coming up on her Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Want even more? Join the Who Crew for texts on tour dates, vegan recommendations, and twerk tutorials straight from Betty Who!