Up Next: Spring Booties
January 13, 2014

We know it may be hard to believe right now, but spring really will be here before you know it. So we caught up with Regina (it's her job to pay attention to trends on the horizon here at DSW) to get a little preview of what's gonna be huge for the season. Her answer? Booties, booties, and more booties.

We're hearing you loud and clear—spring booties rule. So what types of trends are we gonna see?
Well, there are a few especially fabulous bootie trends to watch for. Wedges (look for a pointed toe—delicious), opened-up details (like cutouts with major freshness), lovely light colors (think taupe, stone, blues, and greens)—plus the occasional peep toe or lace-up!

Whew. That's one amazing list. Why are booties so necessary, anyway?
Booties are THE style all year long, but when you add in the spring trends, you've got a fresh silhouette that reinterprets the bootie vibe. A lot of styles this spring will hit closer to the ankle, so they're perfect with everything from leather leggings to denim or tights—and then, when it gets warmer, throw 'em on with shorts and go!

We hear you've deemed one bootie THE trend to try?
You got it: the backless bootie. Now don't be intimidated—you can totally rock this baby, no socks necessary! Just go bare, and it's the perfect way to embrace spring just when the weather starts to turn.

We gotta know: which look is your personal fave?
Me? I've gotta say the pointed-toe wedge bootie. There's such a cool element of architecture to it, and with the raw wood of the stacked heel, it creates such a nice casual spring look, whether you're dressing it up or down. But hey—no matter what your personal style is, I promise booties will work for you. Whether it's the latest style with slashed leather or a simple perfed suede, you are absolutely gonna fall in love.

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