New York Fashion Week 2015 Trend Recap
March 02, 2015

Hey guys, it’s Regina—DSW’s Trend Expert. My job is to report on all of the unique styles and remarkable looks I see on the runways, in the streets, and most definitely at fashion-heavy events like New York Fashion Week.

Ahh, New York Fashion Week. Eight glorious days of aspirational, and inspirational, style for the upcoming season. What’s not to love? Here’s a peek at what had me on the edge of my seat for fall 2015.

90s Remix
Nineties Minimalism + Utilitarian inspiration

Time to pull out your Dr. Martens (if you were clever enough to save them for the last 20 years). Those once beloved lug soles along with oversized plaid and menswear inspired styles are all back in action this fall. Everyone from Donna Karan to Coach is on board so no doubt you’ll be inspired to revive the grunge era—just with less angst and a lot more polish.


That’s so 70s
Seventies Bohemian + Folkloric inspiration

The seventies are back baby—bigger and bolder than ever. Designers cited this memorable decade as their biggest inspiration for fall 2015. Some played with the glamour of the era, while others channeled its laid-back, hippie chic vibe. It’s all groovy to me.


Soft & Relaxed
Comfy Cozy + Layered Textures

Layer it up and get cozy. This fall is going to be full of luscious knits and fluffy furs with emphasis on winter whites and soft greys. Here’s to looking chic and being ridiculously comfortable everywhere you go.