Neutral Color Block? Whoa.
February 19, 2014

So, you know how color blocking is a really fabulous trend and fashion lovers everywhere can’t get enough of it? Well, get this: Neutral. Color. Block. Shoes. It’s a new thing and we’re borderline freaking out over it. Why? Because it’s the best of both worlds. A cool craze meets the neutral look we all want and love. Let’s take a peek at the outfit + neutral color block checklist, shall we?

  1. High-low dress? Yes.

  2. Skinnies? Sure.

  3. Leather shorts? Why not?

  4. Harem pants. You rebel.

  5. Pencil skirt? Absolutely!


See what we mean? You just can’t go wrong!

Shop neutral color block shoes right this second.

Left to right: Mojo Moxy Prima Donna $69.95 (Compare at $100!), Franco Sarto Yukon $59.95 (Compare at $89!), Zigi Sublet $49.95 (Compare at $70!), Report Signature Lorrane $69.95 (Compare at $90!), Nine West Hayward $64.95 (Compare at $89!)