Mix & Match Accessories
June 24, 2014

If you’ve visited one of our DSW stores lately, you’ve probably noticed our growing assortment of fabulous accessories! So now that you’ve met One Wink, DSW’s EXCLUSIVE jewelry line, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to mix and match your favorite pieces:


We obviously love this term, coined by amazing blogger Man Repeller. If you’re new to the party, it just means stacking your bracelets and watches on your arm—so who should you invite, and why?

  •  Pick a color theme. You can never go wrong with pairing neutral colors. Go for copper, blue, bronze and ivory shades—or throw a wild party full of neon colors!
  •  Mix your textures. A little bit of metal here, some feathers there, some beads in between. And if your party needs a star, pick the biggest, boldest watch you can find.


We’ve said it before: fashion rules were made to be broken, and this one’s been broken long enough to become the new status quo. Yes, you can (dare we say should) mix your metals!

  •  Stack em up. The easiest way to get started mixing silver and gold? Stacking your bracelets and rings with all the shades your heart desires! Silver/gold arm party? SO classy.
  •  Go all in. The more intentional and bold the look, the easier it’ll be to pull off. And no matter what you mix and match, wear it with confidence!


You can’t wear all our favorite shoes at once—but you CAN wear as many necklaces as you want! With some loose guidelines, of course.

  • Combine styles. Here’s the perfect opportunity to mix modern with classic pieces. Bring your favorite pieces together and make your look unique and personal to YOU.
  • Play with arrangements. You can’t go wrong with an oversized necklace + a bar necklace + a delicate pendant. But you can also experiment with layering several dainty chains or a few large statement necklaces. Have some fun figuring out what works best for you!

Okay, we’re definitely itching to accessorize our wedges, heels, and sandals now. Find a DSW store near you to shop One Wink jewelry, and have some fun mixing and matching!