Meet The Shoe Lovers: Matt & Bridget
January 20, 2015

We spotted this casually dressed duo as they tried (in vain) to take a shoefie in bustling Times Square. While everyone else was gazing skyward, they had their eyes on their shoes—our kind of people. We stepped in, took this super-­cute picture and asked them about their first date, personal style, and go‐to pairs.

Name: Matt D. & Bridget L.
Current City: New York City

What do you guys do?
M: I’m a new-­media professional.
B: I’m in the hospitality industry.

Tell us about the shoes you’re wearing.
M: My go-­to pair of Adidas.
B: They’re my grey Roxy slip­‐ons.

Tell us more about your personal style.
B: I like keeping it simple—comfort is definitely important to me. On most days you’ll find me in my favorite jeans, a sweater, and slip-­ons. I do take it up a notch on occasion though—a dress that fits just right and a pair of statement heels go a long way. I’m also a big fan of hats.
M: My job in new media and my interest in stand-­up comedy and music allow me to have a very easygoing sense of style. I’m generally in jeans and a button-­up—Bridget tells me I wear a lot of plaid.

What are three pairs you absolutely could not live without?

  1. My collection of slip­‐ons—I own several pairs in navy, white, leopard, and reptile­‐embossed leather. The texture adds some edge without being flashy or over the top.

  2. Black combat boots—l wear them through the year

  3. My crazy, jeweled cage heels—every girl needs a statement pair that you can wear with a basic LBD or skinnies and a tee.

M: I basically rotate between three pairs of shoes, so this should be easy!

  1. Adidas sneakers—I wear them when I’m walking around the city or to my music gigs. (Matt is a veteran song‐writer)

  2. Black Converse—Can’t live without ‘em

  3. Oxfords—For those special occasions, or when she insists I dress nice.

Well, TV star Mindy Kaling claims, “Guys only need two pairs of shoes. A nice pair of black shoes and a pair of Chuck Taylors,” so you’re not too far off track! What’s that one pair of shoes you wish your partner would stop wearing?
B: Well there’s this one pair of black Vans he’s owned for years that are beat up beyond recognition.
M: They’re broken in just right! I can’t throw them away. She has this one pair of heels that she insists on wearing even though they’re ridiculously painful to walk in. She’s ready to take them off in 5 minutes. I have to budget an extra twenty minutes to get anywhere when she decides to wear them.
B: They’re gorgeous though! They cost an entire paycheck, so I kind of feel obligated to wear them.

We all have those shoes that are totally worth the pain! Tell us about your first date.
M: We had dinner at this speakeasy restaurant in the city, followed by a long night of bar­‐hopping.
B: Wait, wasn’t that our second date?
M: Love that I’m not the one getting this confused.
B: Okay, okay, I remember, you’re right!

What shoes were you guys wearing?
B: I have this clear vision of him walking up wearing his Converse to dinner. I was definitely not impressed! But he won me over. I believe I was wearing my suede black boots.

Nice! What’s on your dream vacay destination list? And what shoes will you be sure to pack?
M: We’ve been talking about taking a trip to St. John—we definitely need a break from the frigid east coast. I plan to be barefoot most of the time, but I’d say my adidas flip­‐flops.
B: Ditto to the barefoot comment! I’d take my Havaianas and a pair of pretty jeweled sandals. Maybe a pair of espadrilles for when we’re not on the beach!


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