Leather: The 5 Fab Facts
November 06, 2013

We loooooove leather. Leather shoes, leather bags, leather EVERYTHING. Right now, we’re especially obsessing over leather boots. They’re pretty much a necessity this season, and everyone (mom, bf, sister, the mailman) should have a pair. Why? We thought you’d never ask…

  1. Quality lasts forever. (So you can spend all your dough on outrageous trends instead!)

  2. Leather boots make every outfit a touch more luxe. Cheap tee? Inexpensive jeans? No matter when the leather’s on!

  3. Leather = Timeless. You’ll be wearing those puppies ten years from now!

  4. Like wine, cheese, and George Clooney, leather gets better with age. So get some boots and wear the heck out of ’em!

  5. The compliments you’re going to get? Superstar status is happening.


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