May 12, 2015

The experts at New Balance are always looking for ways to make our favorite running shoes and cross training shoes even more supportive. They know we wear their athletic shoes for everything, from high-impact workouts to just getting around town on the weekend. But regardless of activity, comfort is a big priority for all of us, right? Right. That’s how the new CUSH+ technology was born.

To learn about this incredibly supportive and flexible new foam sole, we chatted with New Balance product gurus Drew and Alexis on how their vision came to life. Check it out, then shop the three new styles featuring CUSH+ on!

Shop these styles:

New Balance 711 Lightweight Cross Training Shoe $69.95 (Compare at $80), New Balance 775 Lightweight Running Shoe $69.95 (Compare at $75), New Balance 811 Lightweight Cross Training Shoe $69.95 (Compare at $75)