December 02, 2014

Holly here! I’ve thrown a few parties in my day (it’s kinda my thing), and I’ve learned plenty of tricks! Planning a holiday party shouldn’t be a hassle—it should be a blast! After all, how often do you get to see so many loved ones in the same place having a jolly good time?

  1. Set the mood with music and decor: Whenever I hear holiday music, my heart skips a little beat. Build a fun playlist to keep the mood bright and the energy flowing. And don’t stress about decorating—less is more. A few strings of lights and a festive centerpiece is just right.

  2. Make a festive cocktail: It’s hard to say no to a fun, festive cocktail. I make mine in batches so I’m not busy mixing drinks all night. Here’s a recipe for one of my faves!

    Holly’s Holiday Cosmo
    2 cups vodka (I’m silly for Stolichnaya)
    1 cup orange liqueur (I love Cointreau)
    1 cup pomegranate juice
    ½ cup fresh lime juice
    Fresh cranberries and party picks for garnish

    Combine vodka, orange liqueur, pomegranate juice, and lime juice in a pitcher and pour into chilled martini glasses. Garnish with a cranberry party pick.

    For a refreshing nonalcoholic version, mix one part pomegranate juice to two parts sparkling water (try lemon flavored!)

  3. Finger food keeps it fun: Appetizers, finger foods—anything that can be eaten while standing—is great for socializing. Think cheese, fruit, crackers, and tiny desserts and keep them coming

  4. Make a list, check it twice: You can never be too prepared. I make three lists: guest, menu, and shopping. Once you’ve got everything you need to bring your party to life, start cooking right away—you can always freeze and reheat!

The food is prepped, the house is clean, and the music is ready to rock. Now it’s time to get the hostess looking spot on. With a bright smile, a great attitude, and a few of my favorite style tips, and you will be holiday fierce and fashionable in no time.

  1. Comfort is crucial: As a busy hostess, who wants to deal with a fussy outfit? I always make sure both my clothes and shoes are comfortable, appropriate, and that they do justice to my shape with the right silhouette and hemline.

  2. Accessorize yourself: I’m a big fan of highlighting a low neckline with a statement necklace or drawing attention to my face with dramatic earrings. And I never fear the sparkle. It’s the holidays—get festive with sequins, beading, and bling. Even a glitzy clutch is more than just a place for your lip gloss, it’s another way to shine!

  3. Play with some color: I love wearing black, but you can’t deny that colorful clothing (hello green sequined skirt), accessories, or shoes add instant drama to your party look. So I balance something neutral with a splash of bold color.

​Ok, time to party!