Holly Dishes: Gift Wrapping Tips
December 18, 2014

Holly here! Dreaming up the perfect gift ideas for all of my pals is one of my very favorite things—but wrapping them in pretty paper and colorful ribbons can be just as fun! Mastering the perfect wrapping technique has taken me years, so I’m going to let you guys in on a few little sneaky tips I always rely on. Follow along and I guarantee everyone will be utterly delighted to receive their gifts—they might not even want to open them!

What you’ll need: wrapping paper, double-sided tape, scissors, ribbon, and the present you wish to wrap.

Start by measuring your paper width. Start at one end and roll all four box sides against the paper. Add 3” and cut.

Next is the height. Measure the paper against the box by pulling it up against both sides. The paper height should be just a little bit taller than halfway up the height of the box. Cut off any excess.

Place the box upside down. Take an end of your paper and pull it over the top edge about 1”. Crease.

Put two strips of double-sided tape on the edge. (Get it really close to the edge!)

Place folded edge on tape.

Pull opposite edge of paper across and make a soft crease wrapping around the box.

Make a nice smooth crease.

Put more double-sided tape down really close to the edge.

Pull across your folded edge—voilà, a seamless package!

Now for the ends. Fold the top of the paper down flat against the end of the box, creating triangle “wing” flaps on the sides. Fold wings to center and crease.

Put tape on the bottom piece of the end and fold it up to complete this side. Repeat on opposite side.


Done! But wait, let’s make this extra special with a soft fabric bow.

Pull out a bunch of ribbon from the roll. Don’t cut anything yet.

Wrap over the top left corner, then under, and back over the bottom right corner.

Cut the excess off.

Tie a knot.

Pull knot tight. Make two loops and tie together—bunny ears style works best for pretty bows!

See—not too hard! If you’re unsure about your wrapping skills, I recommend trying it out on an empty box first so you can really get the technique down. Then, wrap away!