Hello, WANELO!
March 13, 2014

Shoe shopping? It just got a lot more addicting. That’s right—DSW is officially now on one of the BEST new shopping sites, Wanelo. So, what is it? Well, Wanelo (say it with us: “wah—nee—loh”) stands for “Want. Need. Love.” (which is pretty much our M.O. when it comes to shoe shopping). It’s a totally awesome, slightly habit-forming site that brings your most-loved brands together and lets you shop, shop, SHOP to your heart’s content. All in one spot. We said it was awesome, didn’t we?

Okay, we’ll cut to the chase since we know you’re practically jumping out of your chair, grabbing your plastic, and mentally preparing for the best day of your life. Head here and click Follow to see tonsssss of products from us. We’ll be posting the best trends and super popular styles on our collection boards this season, and we can’t wait to see what you grab.

Ready, Shoe Lover? On your mark, get set—Wanelo!