Get Your Gift On
December 10, 2013

Gifting season’s about to be in full swing—are you ready for it? We know, we know, it’s not always easy. So our buying experts decided to do a little something about that. Here’s a breakdown of what to get everyone on your list.

  1. The fashionista: This lady adores a good heel.

  2. The casual gal: Converse. Definitely, Converse.

  3. The media man: Watching movies, reading books, listening to music + NEW SLIPPERS? He’ll be in heaven.

  4. The big athlete: Probably could use a new pair of running shoes.

  5. The world traveler: A scarf (airplanes get chilly!) or a great throw-in-everything-and-go bag.

  6. The techie: iPhone cases—so fun and unexpected!

  7. The infamous returner: Two words: GIFT. CARD.

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From left to right: Diba Deanne $49.95 (Compare at $75!), Kelly & Katie Turner $69.95 (Compare at $90!), Nine West Gwendle $59.95 (Compare at $79!), Do You Speak Shoe Lover? $16.95 (Compare at $25!), DSW Gift Card (Get one in any amount!), Studio Ink Cowboy $59.95 (Compare at $100!), Aston Grey iPhone 5 Case $19.95 (Compare at $24!), Studio Ink Carthage $59.95 (Compare at $89!)