Get to Know our Holiday Elf Holly!
November 27, 2014

Holly here! Yep, you heard right. Your favorite holiday elf is back at DSW—and I’m takin’ over! The snow’s starting to fall, the decorations and pretty lights are going up…it just felt like time to visit, you know?

You may have seen me on popping up on DSW’s social channels like Facebook or Twitter over the past couple years. But a lot of you have told me I seem a bit mysterious (as any good elf should be!), so I thought I’d answer some of the questions I’ve gotten from Shoe Lovers like you!

Why do you always visit DSW?
Easy question…I’m a loud and proud SHOE LOVER! You should see my collection of winter boots. But I’m also guilty of owning way too many pairs of flats and sneakers—even sandals, flip flops and wedges (an elf’s gotta get away every now and then)!

So how many shoes do you have?
A lady never shops and tells…but I’ll tell you that I have enough shoes to fill an entire closet! Like, a really big closet.

What’s your favorite food?
You might think I live on nothing more than candy canes and chocolate, but this girl LOVES to eat! Baking is one of my favorite pastimes—cookies, pies, cakes, you name it! I guess I do have a bit of a sweet tooth…

Favorite movie?
Love Actually. Or maybe Home Alone? Er, wait—Elf! Definitely Elf!

Where’s your fave vacation spot?
I’ve visited so many cool places this year! While I always feel most at home when I’m bundled up in front of a fireplace at the North Pole, I know how important it is to get out and see the world. Of course I love exotic beach locations (hello, Maui!), but some of my favorite trips have been to visit and volunteer at places that are a little less fortunate.


Have any other questions for me? I’ll be hosting an hour-long Twitter Q&A on Thursday, December 4 at noon ET—use #AskHolly to get involved! Until then, keep an eye out—I’ll be spreading shoe love and sprinkling Holly-day cheer across all the DSW social channels!