April 27, 2015

Natural wedge sandals have endured the test of time and spanned generations. We spent some time with Colleen, a psychiatrist, and her daughter Jess, a professional photographer for DSW, to learn more about their relationship and personal tastes.

Describe your style.
Jess: I like to try new trends, but I gravitate toward more comfy styles. I have tons of color in my closet! My husband tells me it’s color overload!

Colleen: I’m the opposite! I’m really more traditional. I gravitate toward black, white, and neutral tones.

Jess: So true. In fact, I convinced her to buy this shirt!

What do you two like to do together?
Jess: We’re both vegetarians, so we love to try new restaurants and recipes and visit farmers’ markets. And we love to go shopping, travel, and go to concerts.

You said you two like to cook. What are your favorite things to make together?
Jess: Anything Italian, like pasta with pesto sauce or homemade pizza. I’ve also been making a lot of Spanish food lately like paella because we just got back from a trip to Costa Rica with our families.

What would you say is your favorite quality about your daughter Jess?
Colleen: She’s a very thoughtful person and fun to be around. And she’s a big animal lover, too—she convinced me to adopt my dog!

What would you say is your favorite quality about your mom, Colleen?
Jess: She’s very easy to talk to—probably a good thing, since she’s a psychiatrist. She’s always been able to give me good advice throughout the years.

Is there something embarrassing your mom did as a kid that makes you laugh now?
Jess: It’s so funny what embarrasses you as a kid, but I remember when my mom would come in to school for meetings like parent-teacher conferences, and I could hear her walking down the hall by the click-clack of her high heels against the hard tile floor! I would get so embarrassed, but many other moms had heels on, too. So now when I wear heels to the office I always think, “I sound like a mom in a grade school!”

What advice would you give to new moms who might be celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time?
Colleen: It sounds so cliché, but enjoy every moment you can. Childhood goes by so quickly, and even through major life changes, try to stay close with your children. Now that Jess is older, we’re more than just mother and daughter—we’re friends! Which is just the best thing.


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