Fall's Essential App
November 20, 2013

The Running With Heels Featuring DSW app for iPad—it shows you how to shop DSW for the high-end looks you definitely need this season. The 5 reasons you’ve gotta check it out? Right here.

  1. So, so so much fashion inspiration. Seriously, you're gonna be amped up for a wardrobe refresh ASAP.

  2. The scoop on runway trends—and how to get 'em for way less. High-end fashion at DSW prices? At your fingertips (buy right from the app)!

  3. Matches made in heaven. Shoe + handbag pairs that are total perfection.

  4. Style for women, men, and kids. 'Cause everyone deserves to look fabulous.

  5. TONS of fun. Like shoe resolutions for 2014 from Twitter trendsetters!

Sound amazing? That’s ’cause it is. Don’t wait another minute to get it on your iPad!