Fall Style 101: Girl Talk
July 25, 2014

Absolutely TONS of great new styles are here ladies, and we’ve got just the shoes to get you looking fab for this season and next (we’re talking sneakers, sandals, pumps, and more!). We’ve also got some super stylish DSW Shoe Lovers to show you how to take those rules your grandmother and mother taught you and throw ’em out the window. Sound good? Yeah, we’re pretty pumped about it too!

Sporty Chick: Lindsay, Marketing Maven

Pairing sneakers with a dress? Lindsay’s a pro at it. Long gone are the days of that sneakers-can-only-be-worn-at-the-gym rule (it’s crazy outdated, don’t you think?). Girlfriend’s rocking them 24/7—and looking totally on-trend too! 

Roxy Ventura $36.95 (Compare at $44!)


Glamour Girl: Isha, Planning Pro

Someone once said wearing glamorous metallic heels should be a nighttime-only thing. Well, that someone was wrong, and Isha’s here to prove it. She loves throwing on her strappy stunners for a jam-packed day (and we absolutely approve)!

Audrey Brooke Tanner $54.95 (Compare at $69!)