Fall Fashion Fix with Aldo
September 08, 2014

With its pioneering spirit and modern, on-trend fashion sense, ALDO is a one of our favorite brands for every kind of shoe. We were lucky enough to chat with with Kathy A., Senior Brand Strategist for ALDO, to pick her brain on the must-have fall trends this season!

Fall is finally here! What does everyone NEED to have this year?
Menswear on women is definitely in—especially in the fall! A few fashion staples that are gender neutral and work for everyone include fisherman sweaters, oversized wool coats, selvedge denim, and, in terms of footwear, biker boots!

Tell us about the inspiration behind your Fall ’14 collection.
We devoted a lot of time not only looking to runway trends and traveling the world for the latest in culture, but also to the fall functional needs of our customer. The key trends that informed our collection are minimalist architecture and design as well as rocker throughout the ages. We took both of these and carefully considered the needs of your everyday style. You could describe it as fall basics getting a superhero makeover.

Top 3 must-have styles for fall: GO!
For women, metallic sneakers, over-the-knee boots, and lug-sole boots. For men, tennis sneakers, monk straps, and hiker boots.

What’s the one item every girl (and guy) should splurge on this season?
Girls: a dressed-up sneaker (one that looks fancy enough to wear with a dress).
Guys: a worker boot (opt for an unexpected color like navy over tan or black).

Travel is obviously a big part of your job. What are some of your favorite cities to visit for travel inspiration?
London is always inspirational. It’s like the cross-section of international influences from around the globe.

So fall is all about boots. What are your favorite ways to style them?
My number one boot styling tip is to avoid covering them with pants—expose them in all their glory! But here are three other pro tips that I try to live by:

  • Cuff or roll your jeans or pants to expose a little bit of sock!
  • A good rule of thumb when transitioning seasons: the more sock you show, the closer to fall or winter you are.
  • Dress up any boot by wearing it with a skirt and opaque tights for a functionally warm and wise fashion statement.

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