April 07, 2015

Spring is in the air and you know what that means? Running season is officially on. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been logging miles on the trail, we’ve got some expert tips for you to follow.

Looking to get into running? Maybe you’re training for your first 5K? First things first—check with your doc. If you’ve never run before, it’s important that you find out if it’s physically the right exercise for you. If it is, the next task is to get the right shoes. Try on a bunch to see which brand and style fits you best. Then? Make a schedule and stick to it. Practice makes perfect so try to get in at least 2–3 runs per week. And if you need a little extra motivation, find a running buddy. It’s helpful to have a friend to keep you accountable. Finally, stretch! You’ll prevent aches, pains, muscle tightness, and injuries.

You love a good run and have kept up with it throughout the years. But getting back into it after a long winter can sometimes be rough. Since you’ve probably already ran with a friend here and there, how about joining a running group this spring? It’s a great way to meet fellow runners and train for local races together. If you’d rather run alone, try challenging yourself and increasing your pace. Sprinting then running at a slower speed on and off will help. And remember to always eat and drink well before and after your run—complex carbohydrates, a little protein, and plenty of water are your best bet.

Running is obviously your thing, so you don’t need a ton of advice. But if you’re considering tackling a marathon (or another if you’re a running connoisseur) there’s some stuff you should know. First? Give yourself enough time to train. Sure you’re a big-time runner, but this marathon business is legit. Make sure you have a training plan and enough time to accomplish it. And know what you’re eating and wearing before the race. The day of is not the time to try something new. Finally, pace yourself. Running a marathon is tough work (26.2 miles is A LOT) and starting too quickly could cause a drop in energy. Better to run slow, then pick up the pace later.


Ready to run? Get the running shoes, then hit the pavement. And don’t forget about the jams! Find the perfect playlist for your next run in our Playlist for Every Workout story.

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