Diversifying Your Wardrobe
May 19, 2015

Jess Lizama is a renowned YouTuber, blogger, and beauty extraordinaire. We asked her to document her adorable outfits at Coachella in Indio, California, and offer her festival fashion expertise!

“Corrine and I teamed up with DSW to take you through festival season this summer and all of the fashion favorites coming out of it this year. We're centering the conversation around bohemian themes and colorful trends. What we've found out is that you don’t have to pick one or the other—you can be both colorful and trendy while still staying comfortable!

BC Footwear Underneath Bootie $49.95 (Compare at $90)

Corrine's style combines pops of color with vintage-inspired pieces. This more formal ensemble features this bell-sleeved white romper with mustard-colored leggings and rose gold accessories. She topped the look off with pewter booties, going sockless to show off the side cutouts and ankle buckles. This Aztec backpack that featured similar hardware tied the look together and showed off its own versatility by doubling as a tote and an awesome accessory.

I took the same booties and dressed them down with this boho-themed outfit. My personal style is all about being trendy while sticking to more flowy and free styles. Crop tops and kimonos were sprinkled all over the festival, some cool and colorful and others warm in tone and fabric. I paired my black kimono with one of my favorite crop top plus this ankle-length hi-low skirt and kept it casual with the booties, also opting to go sockless. For accessories I wore a simple bangle and a silver headpiece that went beautifully with the muted colors of the look.

Mercanti Fiorentini Valerie Flat Sandal $39.95 (Compare at $78)

We’re also digging these flat sandals and love the color variations they come in. For this look, Corrine dressed the flats up a bit with these patterned socks, which she wore beneath a pair of overalls and a 1960s-inspired tie-dyed bathing suit. The vibrant pop of color came from a vintage scarf she tied around her neck and her fun blue hair!

Mix No. 6 Bloom Aztec Backpack $34.95 (Compare at $45)

This look was snapped on our last day at Coachella. As you can see from the photo, I wanted to be comfortable and colorful! Corrine's style must have rubbed off on me by this point. I kept my look casual and fun by styling the flats with an equally colorful jacket, a simple white crop top, and black skinny jeans. I accessorized with the Aztec backpack, a silver fringe necklace, and some bangles. This was also me practicing that 'pro pose' look while 90,000 people lurked behind me!

Though Corrine and I have different styles and our choices may be opposite from one another when it comes to theme and occasion, we have the same outlook on footwear. The shoes we choose to style are comfortable, trendy, and versatile. I guess you have to look at things that way when there are two of you who wear the same shoe size and you fight over who gets to wear what! We've learned, however, that it's simple to choose the same pair of shoes while sticking to our own personal styles, as long as we incorporate what makes us feel most comfortable.

We hope you can incorporate what's trending this season into your closet while combining it with your own personal sense of style. We love teaming up with brands to share with you how we approach our every day whether it be in style, travel, or dealing with the occasional fashion dilemma, and we hope to have helped you with a dilemma or two while we were at it!”

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