January 12, 2015

We’re about halfway through January now, so you’re probably getting lots of mileage from your favorite men’s boots, right? And since it’s not likely you’ll be stepping into sandals in the immediate future, we’re taking a fresh look at how to style men’s lace-up boots. We’ve got three interesting ways to cuff your denim to show off all of your suede or leather boots—or maybe even those cool high-top sneakers you plan to rock now through spring!

Here’s how: Fold hem up about 2”–3”, and tuck behind the tongue of your boots.
Good for: Gentlemen with more classic style who are new to this whole “tuck-and-roll” situation. The look is clean and works well with khakis, too.

Here’s how: Fold hem up about 1”–2”, then roll again. This one looks really good if your laces are also loosened a little bit.
Good for: Guys who want a casual look with a more messy-looking cuff (or if your pants are already a little long and you don’t want to bother tailoring them).

Here’s how: Pinch a few inches of fabric near the hemline, and pull back toward your ankle. Then, make a small ½” cuff all the way around, then cuff one or two more times to keep the pinched fabric from unraveling.
Good for: Those who also want a casual look that’s a little trendier. This slim cuff style is slightly more complicated to pull off, so practice a few times. Your final result will look awesome with boots and even your sneakers.


Got a roll all your own? Tell us about it in the comments and share the cuff love!

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