Classic Brands Forever
June 19, 2014

Converse. Vans. Keds. These are the seriously cool brands that have stood the test of time. Decade after decade, Shoe Lovers rocked ’em to music festivals, clubs, parties—whatever big events they had going on. The shoes were always super sweet, it was the outfits that got a nice little makeover.  

So just for fun, let’s travel back in time and see the fashion that went along with these awesome brands, shall we? 

The Far Out 70s

Flared jeans and a flowy top were so groovy when worn with Converse. (Bonus points for long locks!)

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty $44.95 (Compare at $50!)


The Totally Tubular 80s

How rad were overall shorts with a leather vest? Super rad! A headscarf and Vans made it that much more fresh. 

Vans Atwood Low $44.95 (Compare at $50!)


The Chillin’ 90s

If you had to look fly, a crop top, printed shorts, and bright Keds were definitely all that. 

Keds Champion Polka Dot $39.95 (Compare at $50!)


And now? We still love all three of these major brands just the same. They’re comfortable, cool, and timeless—how could we not be smitten?