Bullboxer: A Brand Story
February 03, 2015

Bullboxer is all about high street fashion for your feet. Straight out of the Netherlands, this quirky brand knows how to keep you comfortable and confident with their free-spirited, spot-on trends.

Designed with fun, unique individuals in mind, Bullboxer easily stands out from the crowd with a signature street vibe that speaks to the young, fresh, and creative with a look to fit every style and mood.

On top of throwing out some seriously funky prints and bold colors and textures, the styling team gives all kinds of attention to detail, craftsmanship, and experimentation. This translates to a fresh twist on Men’s Chukka Boots, wingtip oxfords (relaxed with some reverse stitching), high-top sneakers, and very cool leather boots with tons of detail (think grommets and imprinted patches).

So yeah, Bullboxer is known for its extensive collection. This may be due to their never-ending drive to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion (seriously, do these guys ever sleep?) They want you to look good and feel good. And in our humble opinion, they’re doing a brilliant job.

So to recap, Bullboxer is an edgy street-inspired brand that won’t stop until you look awesome.

Better get on this, guys.

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