The Brains Behind the Bag
November 25, 2013

The tote everyone's talking about? This sassy little number that we'll be handing out on Thanksgiving and Black Friday (it's FREE with any shoe or handbag purchase!). We caught up with the insanely talented artist to get her take on all the thought, all the inspiration, and all the creativity that went into it.

  1. Let's talk inspiration—how did you think of this cool concept?
    This season, I was really into pop art (you know, that whole Andy Warhol vibe). I wanted to create something similar to that feel, but with a Shoe Lover spin. The idea of repeating legs with fab heels came to me, and the rest is history!

  2. Tell us what it was like, creating a tote so many Shoe Lovers are gonna rock?
    Um…AMAZING! Kind of an unreal experience. This was actually my first time working on anything like this, so I was crazy excited to take it on. I really wanted it to be a go-to for our Shoe Lovers. Something they'd reach for over and over again—fashionable, yet utilitarian.

  3. So, why do we have to, have to, get our hands on it?
    'Cause it's so fun—the shape, the material, the graphics! And because you've got to show that shoe love of yours off. Plus, it's available for a limited time so if you don't get one, you're gonna be sorry!

Get the Shoe Lover Tote starting Thanksgiving day on and Black Friday in stores!

On model: Diba Blossom $49.95 (Compare at $69!)