May 14, 2015

Fashion trends come and go. It’s best that some have a short shelf life (we’re looking at you, track suits) but there’s always that one we hope will stick around for a long, loooong time. Specifically, we’re talking about the ‘athleisure’ trend.

If you’re unfamiliar, let’s review:

[ath-lee-zher] (n.)
1.The trend of wearing sneakers and casual shoes with just about everything, from jeans to suits.
2. See: Best trend ever

Who doesn’t love the idea of wearing ultra-comfy sneakers and athletic shoes all day long? The answer is no one. To show off some new ideas on how to rock this trend right, we caught up with two of our friends, Jess and Peter, and asked them why they’re also committed to this look.


First, we chatted with Jess from the band Escondido. Watch her vid, read her Q&A, then check out her music!

Featured styles:
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adidas Neo Advantage Clean Sneaker $49.95 (Compare at $60)
One Wink 3 Strands Stretch Bracelets $12.95 (Compare at $28)

How do you get dressed in the morning?
I usually wake up and listen to music. Then, I pick what I want to wear inspired by what I’m feeling that day, so it’s usually a mix between punk and Southwestern chic. A little bit rock-n-roll mixed with vintage accents—whatever is easiest on the road when I’m with my band.

How does the athleisure look fit into your lifestyle?
I’m always on the go, so I’ve recently started wearing athletic shoes with my outfits. I’ll throw on a suit jacket with my sneakers—so this trend is extremely practical for me.

Favorite pair of shoes right now…
My white high-top Vans sneakers!


Next, we caught up with Peter, a talented actor and expert craftsman from Los Angeles.

Featured styles:
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Tell us about your style.
I would describe my style as all-American. I like to keep it simple with Levi’s jeans and Converse sneakers or lace-up boots. Nothing too fancy. And I always prefer to wear an old t-shirt more than anything else. The more worn-in, the more memories.

What do you think of this athleisure trend for guys?
I think the idea of being comfortable as well as stylish is always the goal, and the fact that now it's the THING to wear is awesome. As of now, I’m an actor, but I also do construction and woodworking projects on the side. My style has to be functional as well as convey my personality when I’m going on auditions.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
A pair of blue worn Converse, or my iron worker boots.