June 01, 2015

This is Jason. He’s one of the photographers who helped us shoot our latest commercial. He also helped us cast some of the awesome people from across the U.S. that starred in our campaign. After he wrapped up an extensive photo shoot down south in Atlanta, Georgia, we stopped to chat about his career, his travels—and his sudden interest in collecting VHS tapes.

Were you always interested in photography?
I've always been interested in art. I started drawing as a young kid and took every available art course in high school. I also started experimenting with photography and using the darkroom. In 2007, I received a B.A. in graphic design and as a graduation gift I got a DSLR camera from my father. After that I started doing personal projects and assisting a few photographers around town.

How do you feel inspired—especially on days when you’re feeling uninspired? We all have them!
I gather inspiration from all over, but mostly from the creative souls around me. I love the idea of finding something unique and original. Much of what I really learn is just from interacting with people and getting a sense for their personality. There's a discussion and experience with every photo shoot, and that's inspiring to me.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to budding photographers?
How about four?

Sure! Go for it.
1) Focus on what you love and create personal work.
2) Always be re-evaluating your process and learning from it.
3) Don't be afraid of failure because it helps you get better at what you do.
4) Play well with others—and don't forget to play in general!

Wow! Those are wise words that everyone can relate to. So when you’re not taking amazing photos and dishing out sage advice, we’d probably find you…
Traveling to Los Angeles. My girlfriend lives there and I try to make it out to the West Coast as much as possible. Plus, I sing and play guitar in a band called Sealions. We just released an EP in September called Number One Lover. I like to run. Oh, and I also started collecting VHS tapes.

VHS tapes? Any movies in particular?
Most recently I've been on a huge Arnold Schwarzenegger kick. 

Gotta love The Terminator! Okay, final question: If you could only wear one pair of men’s shoes for a whole year, what would you pick?
I'd definitely want style but also comfort. Shoes that could keep my feet warm in the winter and let them breathe in the summer, so probably desert boots.

Hear more stories like Jason’s and meet the real people from our photo shoot in the #SaySomethingGreat section of the blog. If you’d like to keep up with Jason’s work, follow him on Instagram at @jtrav.