Behind The Shoot: Photographer Garrett Cornelison
March 18, 2015

Garrett was one of the 15 awesome photographers who worked on our spring commercial and helped cast the real people you see in our campaign. When the shoot was done, we asked him to share his experience working up and down the very beautiful (and warm) West Coast in December to photograph his friends, family, and a few fun strangers in our spring shoes.

“Reaching out to people to photograph was kind of fun because generally when you shoot a big campaign like this, there’s creative directors, art directors, and stylists who are pushing their own personal look.This time, the models could come as they were and wear what they wanted.
We were driving through Twentynine Palms, California and saw this really colorful mural on a fence outside of a house. We pulled over because we wanted to photograph some shoes with the fence, but first we knocked on the door of the house to get permission. The guy who answered was actually an artist and the mural’s creator, Douglas Oliver Smith. He gave us a tour of his studio and let us take his picture with some of our shoes. Now we’ve got this awesome portrait of an artist who’s eccentric, funny, and not originally planned to be part of the shoot—but we’re glad he was!

Just for fun we kept some of the shoes aside and asked people we ran into on the street to model for us.
I really hope the campaign comes across as authentic. These days people like to see real faces, not models who look a certain way. People are paying closer attention to that kind of thing. And I hope my work came across as honest as can be.”  — Garrett Cornelison

Hear more stories and meet the real people from our spring photo shoot in the #SaySomethingGreat section of the blog! If you’d like to learn more about Garrett, follow him on Instagram at @reallykindofamazing.