April 30, 2015

Kelly Osterholt looks a little different today compared to when we shot her for our spring campaign. She’s still beautiful, but since she’s welcomed her baby boy Charlie into the world four months ago, she’s absolutely radiant!

What’s it like being a new mom?
It’s a ton of fun. The first three months, you’re IN it. Everything is different now. It’s a challenge, but all the little stuff that used to bother me doesn’t anymore.

What have you learned about yourself?
I’ve learned patience and love—real love. Not my idea of what I thought love was before. This lover is richer and fuller than any love I’ve ever felt before.

What’s your favorite part about being a new mom?
Definitely the connection I have with my son.

How have you changed?
Being a mother has taught me to be present, because he grows and changes so quickly. I love every little part of it. I’m excited about what’s next, but I don’t want to miss enjoying the moments right now.

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