Behind the Season: Interview #6
April 03, 2014

The FINAL interview with our spring campaign crew? Ugh, we know. We’re sad about it too. But, Shoe Lovers, this chat’s a good one. It’s with our stylist Alison E., who is pretty much the coolest chick in the world. This gal has got fashion going on—and in a very big way. With many, many years in the styling world, she absolutely knows what she’s talking about. (She was hired by THE Anna Wintour back in the day, if that gives you a better idea of how fabulous she is.)

So, about that interview? HERE. IT. GOES.

Street style. It’s what our campaign’s all about. What are your thoughts on it?
It’s really interesting coming from my point of view as a fashion journalist. You know, ten years ago all us fashion editors would go to the shows looking put-together and nice, but no one gave us a second look. Fast forward to now, it’s crazy. There are street photographers stopping you, asking who you’re wearing, and snapping pictures left and right. But, street style can get tricky. Did you know there are people who just dress up for the shows? We call them Peacocks, and they’re always in outrageous outfits. They make an appearance purely to get photographed—half the time they don’t even have invites. And to me, it just seems so insincere. If you truly have an outrageous, eccentric style, more power to you. So I guess you just have to be able to put your filter on and distinguish the true style leaders from the show-offs. 

How interesting! Now if you had to pick, what’d be your fave street-style look from the campaign?
Oh, I love the Big-Time Deal Braggers! The one girl is wearing a Vivienne Westwood bomber jacket, a vintage Calvin Klein tank, this to-die-for skirt, and those simplistic silver sandals. She just looks fabulous. But my favorite shoes in the campaign? The black and white mules. They’re positively gorgeous. (They’re from Charles by Charles David—grab ’em here!)

OK, so killer styling tips only an insider knows—can you fill us in?
Yes! My #1 thing to tell everyone is: dress for your body shape and your age. Sometimes you just gotta forget certain trends. If something suits you, run with it. If it doesn’t, don’t! I pretty much dress in the same style every season, but I’m always updating my accessories. I think that’s the best way to make things feel new. I’m not going to wear shorts just because shorts are in. I hate my legs, you know? I’ll still wear my maxi skirts and my trousers, but I’ll get a new pair of shoes. My motto? Be conscious of what suits your body shape, then invest in those trends and new accessories.

And are there any trends in particular to be excited about this season?
Lots of bold color and bold prints are happening. They should be a lot of fun for spring. I’m also seeing a huge tribal story taking place, with leopard still going strong. Finally, some pretty, pretty details like ruffles and frills, which is great. ’Cause, you know, what girl doesn’t want to look ultra feminine every once in a while?

True story! Last question: have you had any big, a-ha career moments?
Well sure. Mostly just with the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. We shot Cate Blanchett and an elephant for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK, and I definitely had one of those oh-my-god-I-will-never-forget-this moments. And then there was Angelina Jolie. I worked with her on a cover shoot for Marie Claire a couple years ago, and she was just wonderful. We decided to do a self-portrait with her, so we set up the camera, gave her a remote, and she took her own shots. It was brilliant. Plus, she said it was her favorite shoot, so that put me over the moon!

And so there you have it. That’s a wrap on our spring campaign. We hope you loved getting a glimpse into all the incredible talent it takes to make the magic happen. It was tons of fun filling you in! Now get out there and take your style to the streets. We’re dying to see what you’ve got!