Behind the Season: Interview #5
March 25, 2014

Yes we have another backstage interview from our spring campaign. And yes you’re going to love every last bit of it! Abby, our Style Expert and In-House Producer for the whole operation, took some time out of her busy schedule to talk about street style, the big trends, and a cool celebrity run-in.

Let’s get this party started—sound good?

OK, so tell us what you love about street style.
I think the question is: what’s not to love about street style? It’s so raw, so fresh, and so interesting. I follow blogs ALL. THE. TIME. I’m so inspired and motivated by what these normal, everyday people are doing with fashion. It’s funny how much things have evolved. It used to be all about the celebrities and the models—what they’re wearing, how they styled it, their hair and makeup. But times have changed, friends. The fashion industry is now looking to YOU for creativity and inspiration.

Give us the 411! What’s big this season in fashion?
Well, neutrals are pretty huge right now. But the fun thing about ’em this time around is there’s a range of different tones. And have you heard of a little something called neutral color blocking shoes? Amazing combos of black and tan, gray and nude, blush and brown, and the always-popular black and white. There are lots to choose from and lots you’re going to have to make room for in your closet this season. Another biggie is lace-up pumps. They’re a cross between a sandal and a bootie, which makes them the ultimate transitional shoe. Spring, summer, fall—it’s always a good time for those gems. Finally, later in the season, the bright stuff’s going to make its debut. Think bold corals and peacock blues. So much fun!

And what trends are on your must-wear list?
Definitely the neutral color blocking. It balances out the rest of the fun, bright colors I’m planning on busting out once the warm weather hits. I’m a big fan of black and white, and thankfully the options with that duo are endless this spring.

Behind-the-set moments—got any?
Funny you should ask! The other day, we were out shopping for the campaign wardrobe when a sweet little boy came running up to me, tugging on my leg, and calling me “momma.” I smiled at him and looked around to see if I could find his actual mom. Just then, the adorable Hilary Duff came running over, apologizing like crazy, and scooping up her son. I said no problem and kept on shopping. But secretly? I LOVED being mistaken for Hilary—even if it was by a toddler who didn’t know any better!