Behind the Season: Interview #3
March 07, 2014

Let’s go on another little tour behind the scenes of our spring campaign, shall we? This time we’ll be getting all the gossip from our campaign Art Director, Amanda M. She’s a definite rockstar and her creativity will blow you away. The girl knows a thing or two about what it’s like to be in a fast-paced, design-on-the-fly situation. And she handles it all like an absolute pro.

Want the full scoop on Amanda (her role, her accomplishments, and her fave things)? Get reading!

How do you support the Creative Director through all of the fabulous chaos?
Wow, what a great way to put it—“fabulous chaos.” I like that! So the overarching theme for the season is established and communicated to me via the Creative Director. Then, it’s my job to get the whole ideation process going. Pulling inspiration from magazines, blogs, you name it, to support his vision. We go through tons of stuff before we settle on specifics and design a clear road map of where we want to go creatively. It’s so fun, but there’s so much that goes into it ahead of time—you’d be surprised. While on the campaign set, I continue to help the Creative Director. From prepping the mood boards, to confirming the shot list, to designing graphics on the spot. I’m the queen of adaptability—running around and making sure everything’s going smoothly. And if it’s not, I make it work. (How very Tim Gunn of me!)

Hilarious! Alright, let’s dish on your absolute favorite head-to-toe look from the campaign.
Oh, I love the Savvy Superstars! They’re just so adorable. The tulle on the skirts, the fun tees, that seersucker suit—those kids are just the cutest. I really think their style is the perfect mix of flirty and edgy—it’s just so unexpected. If I saw them out and about on the city streets, I’d totally snap their pic and put it in a style book! Wouldn’t you?

Most definitely! So tell us what’s been the biggest whoa moment in your career so far?
Well I have a huge history in retail. I’ve gotten the amazing opportunity to work for some pretty great companies over the years. But, I’d have to say that my absolute favorite moment, the moment that left me feeling like, “I can’t believe I actually get to do this!” was when I had the chance to work on the DSW Black Friday bag this past year. It was beyond cool to concept and create something that millions of Shoe Lovers carry their books, their groceries, their personal possessions in all over the country. I mean, that’s a pretty big deal!

So out of everything, what do you want our Shoe Lovers to take away from this campaign?
Really, I just want every Shoe Lover to embrace his or her style and really own it. With street style, YOU are the fashion—every single day. Look at it as: life is the runway and you are the fashion model. It’s OK to completely express yourself and wear exactly what you love. We want to empower everyone to tell their style story through his or her clothes and accessories. You know, if you give the exact same pair of shoes to three different people, all three of them would style them way differently. How’s that for individuality? Through street style, you become a fashion rep—someone who speaks for fashion without even trying. I adore that.