Behind the Season: Interview #2
February 27, 2014

Another interview from the set of our spring campaign? We thought you’d never ask. Our crazy cool hairstylist, Antonio D. (he’s a GENIUS with hair—seriously!), sat down with us between his back-to-back sessions with all our fabulous talent. We even got a chance to sneak in and watch him work his magic—sigh, if only we could have him over every morning to perfect our look.

Aaaanyway, the full Q&A is below. So check out what went down in our convo.

We’ve gotta know—what inspires you and gets you going when it comes hair?
Oh, everything! The streets, movies, magazines, runways, blogs…there’s just way too many things to list. I’m continually finding inspiration wherever I look. And I’m always doing research and discovering styles and textures to bring back from the past. Hair, like fashion, is cyclical and great things make a comeback all the time. But I definitely put my own spin on it and create something unique, modern, and my own.

So what hair trends should we be rocking this season?
That’s a great question. I’m all about the ’90s looks right now. Think short bangs, textured and messy hair, curls—kind of that bedhead, grunginess that was big back then. It’s best when it’s not too perfect or overdone. You want your hair to be healthy and to have that oh-I-just-woke-up-looking-this-fabulous vibe. And you definitely can’t accomplish that if it’s ultra sleek or pinned perfectly.

Good call! Do you have any hair secrets you wanna let our readers in on?
Hmmm…there are too many to choose from! I guess for curly hair I would recommend keeping the washing down to a minimum. Honestly, depending on your hair’s texture, I’d only thoroughly wash it once a week. If your scalp gets greasy just put a tiny bit of shampoo on your fingertips and run it through the roots—but just the roots! Make sure your ends stay shampoo-free. Then rinse it out and you’re good to go! Oh, and about split ends. People always ask me what the best treatment is, and you know what? If you have that many split ends, it might just be time to get a trim!

What’s been the best thing about being on the set with us?
Well, I’m really into the whole casualness and individualism of this campaign. From the clothing to the hair to the makeup, it’s all very sharp and out-of-the-box. I feel like you get a glimpse into the lifestyle of each person featured. It’s definitely gotten my creativity going and has left me feeling very inspired. And everything just seems spontaneous and cool—I love that.